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A changing garment

Original document Abstract of GB2394397
A tent like garment that can be worn as a cape, allowing the wearer some privacy to change their clothes and protection from the sun and wind. The upper opening of the garment may be elasticated or closed by a drawstring (18, Fig 1) to allow the garment to be supported by the shoulders of the wearer, to form a fill length covering or tent. The garment may be opened along one or both sides of the garment to facilitate the wearing of the garment together with arm holes (16, Fig 1), a floor flap (22, Fig 1) and head flap (30, Fig 1) all of which may be closed by buttons and eyelets. A series of internal pockets (4, 6, Fig 1) may be provided with optional waterproof lining to hold clothes, towels or valuables. The garment may also be used as a ground sheet, sleeping bag (Fig 4), or horizontal tent that may be folded into a carrying bag (Fig 2) with handles. Preferably the garment is made from cotton towelling that facilitates the drying of the wearer.

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