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2006-03-30 Original document Abstract of JP2006081595
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a foldable chair with a toilet seat, which has a simple structure for compact folded state to be easily stored and carried, enabling a user to relieve himself/herself when being spread open and being utilized as a chair when not relieving himself/herself. SOLUTION: An outer frame (3) and an inner frame (4) in a rectangular shape or a gate shape are provided, an X-shaped folding leg (2) is formed by fitting the inner frame (4) to the outer frame (3) and connecting the frames so as to be mutually turned at a vertical center part, and a flexible toilet seat sheet (6) is disposed and connected to the upper crosspieces (3c and 4c) of the outer frame (3) and the inner frame (4). A toilet hole (7) is formed at the center part of the toilet seat sheet (6), locking devices (8) for detachably locking the port part of an excreta receiving bag (11) are provided on both front and back end parts of the toilet seat sheet (6), and a flexible seat sheet (10) covering the upper surface of the toilet seat sheet (6) is provided. One end part in front and back directions of the seat sheet (10) is connected to one end part in the front and back directions of the toilet seat sheet (6), and the other end part in the front and back directions of the seat sheet (10) is detachably locked to the other end part in the front and back directions of the toilet seat sheet (6). COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI


Personal hygiene apparatus and method

Original document Abstract of US2002165428
The present invention discloses in an apparatus which suppresses the sound of the releasing of intestinal gasses (farts) and thus avoiding the embarrassment and ridicule that one suffers in the public company of others. The apparatus can be a very thin fibrous material such as cotton or polyester. When inserted it stays inside the anus sphincter. The sphincter stays in contracted position so no feces or excretion can escape without voluntarily loosening the anus sphincter. However, the intestinal gas can pass through the fibrous material without making any sound or noise. An apparatus for this use is disclosed comprising first, second, third, and fourth sides forming a pyramid, or a pyramid shaped device, wherein each side is comprised of a fibrous material. The pyramid may have a first end and a second end and the pyramid may be open at one end and closed at the other end. The first and second sides may be opposite one another and may be the same size. The third and fourth sides may be opposite one another and may be the same size. The sizes of the first and second sides may differ from the sizes of the third and fourth sides. Each side may be triangular shaped and have a height of about [5/8] of an inch. The fibrous material may be, for example, cotton or polyester. A method of inserting a pyramid shaped device comprised of a fibrous material into an individual's anus sphincter is also disclosed. The pyramid shaped device may be inserted so that none of the pyramid shaped device lies outside of the individual's anus.

Gripping device for assisting infants in holding a bottle

Original document
Abstract of US2004127139
A gripping device for assisting infants in holding a bottle which comprises a body fabricated from a soft material, wherein the shape of the body is substantially triangular, substantially circular, substantially rectangular or substantially square, an opening extending through the body, the opening being sized and shaped to accept a bottle inserted therein, and a securing device associated with the opening for securing the bottle in the opening. Moreover, the opening may be located in approximately the center of the body. The securing device, such as an elastic band, a spring, velcro, or a draw string, lines the opening whereby inserting a bottle into the opening results in the securing device fitting snuggly around the peripheral surface of a bottle. The securing device can accommodate a wide range of commercially available bottles.  


A changing garment

Original document Abstract of GB2394397
A tent like garment that can be worn as a cape, allowing the wearer some privacy to change their clothes and protection from the sun and wind. The upper opening of the garment may be elasticated or closed by a drawstring (18, Fig 1) to allow the garment to be supported by the shoulders of the wearer, to form a fill length covering or tent. The garment may be opened along one or both sides of the garment to facilitate the wearing of the garment together with arm holes (16, Fig 1), a floor flap (22, Fig 1) and head flap (30, Fig 1) all of which may be closed by buttons and eyelets. A series of internal pockets (4, 6, Fig 1) may be provided with optional waterproof lining to hold clothes, towels or valuables. The garment may also be used as a ground sheet, sleeping bag (Fig 4), or horizontal tent that may be folded into a carrying bag (Fig 2) with handles. Preferably the garment is made from cotton towelling that facilitates the drying of the wearer.


flying apparatus

Original document 1927-04-14 Abstract of GB268279
268,279. Lutsch, A. March 25, 1926, [Convention date]. Void [Published under Sect. 91 of the Acts]. Screw and like propellers.- Each propeller 2, 3 of a flying apparatus for attachment to a person's back consists of a blade having a single or, as shown, a double helical surface diverging from the axis as the upper end of the blade is approached. The end of the blade may be wedge-shaped.


2001-02-20 Original document Abstract of JP2001048098
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make an amphibious airplane having an advantage enabling helicopter type take-off and landing without requiring a long runway, to secure serving of the airplane for fishing and to enable a day fishing trip to even a distant place. SOLUTION: This amphibious airplane 1 for fishing is constituted by having an airplane main body 2 constituted by circumferentially having a propeller device 3 with a plurality of rotary propellers 4, capable of flight by rotating the propellers 4 of the propeller device 3 and of landing on water, a veranda part for fishing 5 movable to the inside and outside of the airplane main body 2 and a room facility 6 enabling fishing from the inside of the room when occasion demands.


Iceberg utilization process improvemen

Original document Abstract of US6688105
Improvements to a process for moving icebergs from Antartica to arid destinations wherein the iceberg is thermally insulated on bottom and sides with kelp grown into mats, pushed with a subtug below sea level to direct its force vector throught the iceberg's center of gravity, stopped at a destination site by pawls extending from bedrock at the bottom of a channel which has multiple rolldams made of rollable round discs which can open the channel to allow passage of the iceberg and close the channel to contain melt water.

Solar cooker

1978-04-11 Original document Abstract of US4083357
A solar heating device for the cooking of food, consisting of a parabolic trough reflector and having support legs attached at the approximate center of gravity of the reflector and oven assembly. The reflector longitudinal supports serving to hold a cooking oven consisting of a bottom of transparent plastic and a detachable top made of insulation and lined inside with a reflective material. The items to be cooked are supported inside the oven by means of a skewer or a skewer supported pan. The reflector assembly also having an aiming device mounted on it's perpendicular support to assure reflector focus by means of shadows.


Light rays bathtub

1987-06-30 Original document Abstract of US4676226
A light rays bathtub has an inner surface formed as a reflection surface and an optical conductor for radiating visible light rays into the tub. The bathtub is so constructed that the visible light rays are radiated over the entire area in the tub. An entire body can bath effectively in the light rays consisting of only the visible light ray component not containing therein harmful ultraviolet, infrared or the like.


Motorized twisting pasta fork

Original document Abstract of US5062211
A motorized dining fork is disclosed herein having an elongated hollow sleeve open at one end to insertably receive a shaft having a tined forked end. A battery-operated motor is mounted in the sleeve and forcibly rotates the shaft to twist the forked end. A gear reduction mechanism operably couples the motor drive shaft with the shaft of the forked end for controlled rotary movement effective to gather a pasta food product about the tines during an eating procedure. Bearing elements rotatably mount all turning shafts and control switches are employed to effect starting and stopping operations as well as RPM control.



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Vibrating wiper blade

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Abstract of US2008034531 A vibrating wiper blade that is functional and attractive. A standard wiper blade can be engineered to accommodate vibrating motors in a sleek and decorative design. Attached to the wiper blades and vibrating motors are tailor made and smoothly attached and designed electrical wiring. The vibrating motors may be engineered on wiper blades from the manufacturing stage, or provide at outlet stores and travel plazas as clip-on models with wiring attached under the hood, and/or controls quickly extended through a driver window. The vibrating motors will facilitate the removal of ice and snow from windshield wiper blades while avoiding hopping and skipping on the windshield. Tailor engineered models may be designed with a direct vibrating spring loaded pin or pistion to strike the wiper blade head. All of this is designed at minimal cost and complexity.


Physical exercise treadmill for quadrupeds

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For the training, exercise, scientific study, and monitoring of quadrupeds in general, and for particular utilization with thoroughbred racehorses, a movable physical exercise treadmill having a tripartite frame including a first elongated main frame for disposition on a floor surface; a second intermediate inclinable frame positioned on the main frame; and a third conveyor belt supporting frame contained within and supported by the second frame. A system is provided for inclining the second frame, and also for pivoting, along a longitudinal axis, the third frame with respect to the second frame. A generally longitudinal endless belt is slidably supported within the third frame and moves about transversely-extending rollers, and the quadruped's exercise occurs on a topmost movable belt surface. A load support shock-absorbing system located generally within and supported by the third frame and beneath the topmost belt surface includes a slider impact bed with layered, rearrangeable impact absorption members placed thereon. The treadmill includes a vertically-extending mast, removably and pivotally attachable to the second frame. Attached to the mast is a load cell actuating system. The load cell system is interactively attached to the quadruped by a flexible sling. In addition, a separate automatic load sensing system provides, within a belt drive system, a resistive, breaking effect if the quadruped overdrives the belt drive system, both the belt drive system and the automatic load sensing system being components of a motor unit. An impact pressure sensing system registers the amount of pressure the quadruped exerts on the belt during training and exercising sessions. An emergency panic system and a plurality of rail-mounted safety sensor means are safety features that, when actuated, can signal motor unit controlled decelerative shutdown if the quadruped exceeds predetermined lateral and forward-to-rearward safety limits.


Combination scissors and lighter for cutting and sealing braided synthetic hair

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2007-04-10 Original document Abstract of US7200885
Apparatus 10 provides a combination scissor 18 and lighter 20 for the cutting and sealing of braided synthetic hair 14 made up of a cutting implement having two blades 22, 24 joined by a swivel pin 26 having handles 28, 30 at one distal end. One of the handles 28 has a chamber 36 therein for storing a quantity of a combustible substance therein. The chamber 36 has an input valve 44 for refilling the chamber and an output valve communicating with a conduit 46 extending through the blade 22 to the other distal end. Also located within the handle 28 and extending therefrom is an igniter switch 40 which when depressed opens the output valve on the chamber permitting the combustible substance to escape through the conduit to the distal end 32 of the blade 22 . Work in concert with the opening of the valve is an igniter to send a spark to the end of the distal end 32 of the blade 22 whereby the combustible fluid is ignited.


Rifle mount for vehicle and method of utilizing same

1998-05-26 Original document Abstract of US5755411
An apparatus for assisting in the operation of a firearm by a person from the interior of a vehicle, the vehicle including a door having and interior and exterior surface and a retractable window therebetween. The apparatus includes in a first embodiment, a shooting platform having of a generally horizontal first support surface, a generally horizontal second support surface located above the first support surface and an inclined support surface therebetween. The shooting platform is supported by a support member extending downwardly from the shooting platform and resting on the exterior surface of the vehicle door. The apparatus is releasably mounted on the retractable window by a pair of opposed walls which engage the retractable window therebetween. The shooting platform is adjusted by a retractable post. The invention further includes another apparatus to aid in shooting a firearm while outside the vehicle. That apparatus includes an adjustable table and a vertical post which extends downwardly from the adjustable table. The post is connected to a horizontal connecting post generally perpendicular thereto. An adjustable seat is connected to the vertical post.



2007-11-08 Original document Abstract of US2007260210
A vibrating tampon apparatus to provide relief from feminine menstrual cramps comprises a vibration element, a housing unit, and a tampon member. The vibration element provides a source of vibrations and is contained within the housing unit. The tampon member is fabricated of an absorbent material and covers at least a portion of the housing unit, while being held in place by retaining elements on the exterior of the housing unit. Electric power is supplied to the vibration element by a remote electric power source. The electrical connection between the electric power source and the vibration element is controlled remotely by a control unit that allows the apparatus to operate either momentarily, in a testing situation, or continually for the lifetime of the electric power source, which is for normal usage and cannot be interrupted by the user.


Swim fin for an amputee

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Swim fin for an amputee

1992-08-18 Original document Abstract of US5139450
A swim fin specifically designed for use by an amputee comprising a substantially planar, elongate flipper portion integrally formed with and extending from a receiving pocket adapted to be mounted to the end of a limb of the amputee. A pair of elongate straps are connected along a side of the receiving pocket, wherein the straps are specifically designed to wrap around the amputee's limb, being fastened by a pair of mating hook and loop pads on opposite ends of the straps, thereby effectively securing the swim fin to the amputee's limb.

Flotation device for enabling user to lie in water

2003-02-19 Original document Abstract of EP1284126
Device comprises a float (1) for placing in the throat or neck region and at least one float (11) for fixing in the foot region. Preferred Features: The device has two floats for fixing in the foot region. Each float is formed by an inflatable cushion having an inflation valve. The floats consist of a floating body, especially a foamed material body. The neck float can be a tubular body (2) in the form of a neck collar.


Device for controlling a common cold

Abstract of DE3416146
The common cold is controlled by increasing the temperature inside the nose. This is effected by shutting off the nostrils. For this purpose a clip is described whose clamping force is just sufficient for pressing the nasal walls together. The parts coming into contact with the nose are cushioned with a skin-compatible material and are adapted to suit the nasal walls.


Fingertip pen/stylus

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Original document
abstract of US2002034412
A multi-purpose fingertip pen/stylus comprising a flexible shaft having first and second ends made of a bendable material, which retains a twisted shape, said shaft sized of sufficient length to wrap and secure about the fingertip of a writing digit or to be used in a straightened position as a conventional pen; the first end adapted as a stylus tip for use with pressure sensitive computer screens, and the second end adapted as a writing tip to extend sufficiently beyond the fingertip of the writing digit stylus to contact and write on a writing surface.



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Abstract of US3677263 1972-07-18 ALLEN FRANCES MIGNON
A capsule for administering bed baths and massage comprising an elongated sheath of flexible fluid tight material enclosing the patient except for the head and having means for admitting fluid to and drawing fluid from the capsule.


Tray for use in automobiles

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Abstract of US5749305
Abstract of US5749305
A tray that may be attached to the steering wheel of a motor vehicle. It can serve to hold food and beverage, as a reading and writing desk, to hold a laptop computer, as a promotional item with advertising printed on the tray, etc. The tray has a flat upper surface, a flat lower surface, and an outside edge with rounded corners. There is a circular hole which may be used to hold beverage containers. There is an elongated hole with straight parallel sides and rounded ends, through which the lower part of the steering wheel can fit. An attachment tab retains the tray on the steering wheel. The attachment tab is connected to the tray by a pivot, and can be turned ninety degrees from a first position in which it retains the tray on the steering wheel, to a second position in which it releases the tray from the steering wheel. A depression in the tab's upper surface makes it easier to move the tab with one finger. When the tab is in the second position, an indentation in a side of the elongated hole allows access to the depression. In the lower surface of the tray, there is a rear recess into which the tab fits when in the second position, and a front recess into which the outward end of the tab fits when in the first position, or when moving between the first and second position.  


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2007-05-17 TAYLOR MICHAEL B (US); LAIBE ERIK (US) Abstract of US2007108258
This invention is a convertible container with the primary objective of providing a commercially viable container for the vending/serving of popcorn or similar food products while easily being converted to a megaphone for voice amplification with promotional/advertising applications. The Pophorn is manufactured from a single sheet of printable yet grease and moisture resistant material, which is die cut and glued, with a rigid double layer spine over it's entire length for support as a function of a continuation of the complimentary handle of the container/megaphone.


drunken duck

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Decorative beer dispenser for killing slugs

Original document
Abstract of US5505018
A decorative beer dispenser with a weighted base and storage vessel constructed of a single piece of blow molded beer impervious material in a decorative shape defining a base compartment, and a reservoir compartment; said base having a top defining a shallow drip reservoir filled with beer to attract snails, slugs, and the like to ingest beer and be killed; and said reservoir compartment structured to store and continuously deliver beer into the drip reservoir.  

Shock-absorbing shoe structure having adjustable elasticity

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2006-04-13 CHU YI-TIEN (TW) Original document Abstract of US2006075657
A shock-absorbing shoe structure having adjustable elasticity is disclosed. The shoe structure includes a buffering mechanism having a bottom holding plate, a buffering module, and a top holding plate. The buffering module includes a base seat, an elastic tube body, an end mount, a connection element, a pivotal seat, a rotating button, a securing screw rod, a top swinging arm, and a bottom-swinging arm. By rotating the rotating button, the elastic tube body is compressed and released via a connection element. Thus, the elasticity and the buffering effect of the shoe can be adjusted.


dog eye patch

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Abstract of US2005267394
Learning, after getting my chow chow's, they ( and other pets ) can and do have eye problems introduced me to the enormous world of veterinary opthomology and; need for an item like my invention of A-EP, pronounced APE, for, A-animal E-eye P-patch. Two of my dogs began having eye problems taking me into the vast world of veterinary opthomology. Seeing angry eye conditions I realized need for protection cover-care. My largest chow was without any visible eye problems, then suddenly he has need for two separate, different conditions eye surgeries. Initially I didn't know regular vets cannot do all, including attend pets eyes. As did the vet not know who to refer me. That ushered me into role of sleuth in the veterinary opthomology field. A world in and of itself. The field is so vast, when I did not relish a crass side of one, I had the luxury of looking further and found one even other veterinary opthomologists praise as; the best in the business. Taking two of my chow chows for eye care/attention in this specialty field, I saw many animal companions bought in needing care. Clientele having-one-angry/injured eye is tremendous in number. Each of all having -one good eye, can benefit with use of A-EP. There're many pets/animals coming to veterinary opthomologists offices that A-EP can provide protection. As can A-EP render relief for us, to not see our friends angry eye condition as we enjoy the otherwise happy side of their companionship. My initial consideration for A-EP, latter year 2000-early 2001. During one of my dogs visit to the vet, his eyes problematic I asked about them ( prior to surgery by the veterinary opthomologist) During his examining, to one of my specific questions the vet stopped, looking directly at us his answer; "Show me how to make eye protection for a dog." That breathed life into my creating A-EP Finding nothing on the internet with my descriptive concepts prompted my invention of A-EP as protective cover-care. As did seeing the vast clientele in veterinary opthomologists offices, show need for protective care for many disturbing-angry-uncovered pet/animal eyes.


The CLEVER vehicle is a compact city vehicle for two with a tandem seat constellation. The length is 3066 mm, the width is 998 mm and the height is 1388 mm. The gross weight is less than 400 kg.

The wheelbase is 2450 mm, the track width is 835 mm. At the front there is a 17" wheel whilst at the rear there are two 18" wheels. As a result of its low width the vehicle is designed to tilt when cornering and has a computer-controlled hydraulic rolling system which results in a driving experience with zero lateral forces at tilting angles of up to 45°, similar to riding a motorcycle.

Its low kerb weight and a front-end surface area of just 1 m2 means that a gas-powered engine of just 15 kW can be used to power it, generating CO2 emissions of less than 60 g/km. Its top speed is approx. 100 kph, acceleration from 0 - 60 kph is less than 7 seconds and its range is approx. 200 km.

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An aluminium space frame construction provides passive safety and it has a plastic body.

Special attention has been given to the design and appearance of the vehicle. The new concept and the tilting cornering function are reflected in the vehicle's design without following any fashions.


Helmet comprising a part that is jettisonable by means of an inflatable cushion Joel Baudou et al

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Text not available Helmet comprising a part that is jettisonable by means of an inflatable cushion Joel Baudou et al
Abstract In order to protect the neck of the wearer of a helmet comprising heavy and/or dangerous equipment, the helmet comprises a part that can be jettisoned in the event of an emergency. The jettisonable part is separated from the fixed part of the helmet by the rapid inflation of a cushion between these two parts. The device can be applied especially to helmets worn by the pilots of armed helicopters or aircraft.


transdermal patch


SteadyMed's PatchPump products provide the convenience and simplicity of a transdermal patch, combined with the features of an infusion pump. This approach provides a vehicle for pharma companies to "re-package" existing drugs within an enhanced delivery system, thereby extending patent protection while providing an enhanced product to their customers.

Click here to see an animation illustrating the operation of the PatchPump TM product.

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