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Combination scissors and lighter for cutting and sealing braided synthetic hair

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2007-04-10 Original document Abstract of US7200885
Apparatus 10 provides a combination scissor 18 and lighter 20 for the cutting and sealing of braided synthetic hair 14 made up of a cutting implement having two blades 22, 24 joined by a swivel pin 26 having handles 28, 30 at one distal end. One of the handles 28 has a chamber 36 therein for storing a quantity of a combustible substance therein. The chamber 36 has an input valve 44 for refilling the chamber and an output valve communicating with a conduit 46 extending through the blade 22 to the other distal end. Also located within the handle 28 and extending therefrom is an igniter switch 40 which when depressed opens the output valve on the chamber permitting the combustible substance to escape through the conduit to the distal end 32 of the blade 22 . Work in concert with the opening of the valve is an igniter to send a spark to the end of the distal end 32 of the blade 22 whereby the combustible fluid is ignited.

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