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Rifle mount for vehicle and method of utilizing same

1998-05-26 Original document Abstract of US5755411
An apparatus for assisting in the operation of a firearm by a person from the interior of a vehicle, the vehicle including a door having and interior and exterior surface and a retractable window therebetween. The apparatus includes in a first embodiment, a shooting platform having of a generally horizontal first support surface, a generally horizontal second support surface located above the first support surface and an inclined support surface therebetween. The shooting platform is supported by a support member extending downwardly from the shooting platform and resting on the exterior surface of the vehicle door. The apparatus is releasably mounted on the retractable window by a pair of opposed walls which engage the retractable window therebetween. The shooting platform is adjusted by a retractable post. The invention further includes another apparatus to aid in shooting a firearm while outside the vehicle. That apparatus includes an adjustable table and a vertical post which extends downwardly from the adjustable table. The post is connected to a horizontal connecting post generally perpendicular thereto. An adjustable seat is connected to the vertical post.

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