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Physical exercise treadmill for quadrupeds

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For the training, exercise, scientific study, and monitoring of quadrupeds in general, and for particular utilization with thoroughbred racehorses, a movable physical exercise treadmill having a tripartite frame including a first elongated main frame for disposition on a floor surface; a second intermediate inclinable frame positioned on the main frame; and a third conveyor belt supporting frame contained within and supported by the second frame. A system is provided for inclining the second frame, and also for pivoting, along a longitudinal axis, the third frame with respect to the second frame. A generally longitudinal endless belt is slidably supported within the third frame and moves about transversely-extending rollers, and the quadruped's exercise occurs on a topmost movable belt surface. A load support shock-absorbing system located generally within and supported by the third frame and beneath the topmost belt surface includes a slider impact bed with layered, rearrangeable impact absorption members placed thereon. The treadmill includes a vertically-extending mast, removably and pivotally attachable to the second frame. Attached to the mast is a load cell actuating system. The load cell system is interactively attached to the quadruped by a flexible sling. In addition, a separate automatic load sensing system provides, within a belt drive system, a resistive, breaking effect if the quadruped overdrives the belt drive system, both the belt drive system and the automatic load sensing system being components of a motor unit. An impact pressure sensing system registers the amount of pressure the quadruped exerts on the belt during training and exercising sessions. An emergency panic system and a plurality of rail-mounted safety sensor means are safety features that, when actuated, can signal motor unit controlled decelerative shutdown if the quadruped exceeds predetermined lateral and forward-to-rearward safety limits.

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