Vibrating wiper blade

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Abstract of US2008034531 A vibrating wiper blade that is functional and attractive. A standard wiper blade can be engineered to accommodate vibrating motors in a sleek and decorative design. Attached to the wiper blades and vibrating motors are tailor made and smoothly attached and designed electrical wiring. The vibrating motors may be engineered on wiper blades from the manufacturing stage, or provide at outlet stores and travel plazas as clip-on models with wiring attached under the hood, and/or controls quickly extended through a driver window. The vibrating motors will facilitate the removal of ice and snow from windshield wiper blades while avoiding hopping and skipping on the windshield. Tailor engineered models may be designed with a direct vibrating spring loaded pin or pistion to strike the wiper blade head. All of this is designed at minimal cost and complexity.

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