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The CLEVER vehicle is a compact city vehicle for two with a tandem seat constellation. The length is 3066 mm, the width is 998 mm and the height is 1388 mm. The gross weight is less than 400 kg.

The wheelbase is 2450 mm, the track width is 835 mm. At the front there is a 17" wheel whilst at the rear there are two 18" wheels. As a result of its low width the vehicle is designed to tilt when cornering and has a computer-controlled hydraulic rolling system which results in a driving experience with zero lateral forces at tilting angles of up to 45°, similar to riding a motorcycle.

Its low kerb weight and a front-end surface area of just 1 m2 means that a gas-powered engine of just 15 kW can be used to power it, generating CO2 emissions of less than 60 g/km. Its top speed is approx. 100 kph, acceleration from 0 - 60 kph is less than 7 seconds and its range is approx. 200 km.

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An aluminium space frame construction provides passive safety and it has a plastic body.

Special attention has been given to the design and appearance of the vehicle. The new concept and the tilting cornering function are reflected in the vehicle's design without following any fashions.

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