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Abstract of US2005267394
Learning, after getting my chow chow's, they ( and other pets ) can and do have eye problems introduced me to the enormous world of veterinary opthomology and; need for an item like my invention of A-EP, pronounced APE, for, A-animal E-eye P-patch. Two of my dogs began having eye problems taking me into the vast world of veterinary opthomology. Seeing angry eye conditions I realized need for protection cover-care. My largest chow was without any visible eye problems, then suddenly he has need for two separate, different conditions eye surgeries. Initially I didn't know regular vets cannot do all, including attend pets eyes. As did the vet not know who to refer me. That ushered me into role of sleuth in the veterinary opthomology field. A world in and of itself. The field is so vast, when I did not relish a crass side of one, I had the luxury of looking further and found one even other veterinary opthomologists praise as; the best in the business. Taking two of my chow chows for eye care/attention in this specialty field, I saw many animal companions bought in needing care. Clientele having-one-angry/injured eye is tremendous in number. Each of all having -one good eye, can benefit with use of A-EP. There're many pets/animals coming to veterinary opthomologists offices that A-EP can provide protection. As can A-EP render relief for us, to not see our friends angry eye condition as we enjoy the otherwise happy side of their companionship. My initial consideration for A-EP, latter year 2000-early 2001. During one of my dogs visit to the vet, his eyes problematic I asked about them ( prior to surgery by the veterinary opthomologist) During his examining, to one of my specific questions the vet stopped, looking directly at us his answer; "Show me how to make eye protection for a dog." That breathed life into my creating A-EP Finding nothing on the internet with my descriptive concepts prompted my invention of A-EP as protective cover-care. As did seeing the vast clientele in veterinary opthomologists offices, show need for protective care for many disturbing-angry-uncovered pet/animal eyes.

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