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Personal hygiene apparatus and method

Original document Abstract of US2002165428
The present invention discloses in an apparatus which suppresses the sound of the releasing of intestinal gasses (farts) and thus avoiding the embarrassment and ridicule that one suffers in the public company of others. The apparatus can be a very thin fibrous material such as cotton or polyester. When inserted it stays inside the anus sphincter. The sphincter stays in contracted position so no feces or excretion can escape without voluntarily loosening the anus sphincter. However, the intestinal gas can pass through the fibrous material without making any sound or noise. An apparatus for this use is disclosed comprising first, second, third, and fourth sides forming a pyramid, or a pyramid shaped device, wherein each side is comprised of a fibrous material. The pyramid may have a first end and a second end and the pyramid may be open at one end and closed at the other end. The first and second sides may be opposite one another and may be the same size. The third and fourth sides may be opposite one another and may be the same size. The sizes of the first and second sides may differ from the sizes of the third and fourth sides. Each side may be triangular shaped and have a height of about [5/8] of an inch. The fibrous material may be, for example, cotton or polyester. A method of inserting a pyramid shaped device comprised of a fibrous material into an individual's anus sphincter is also disclosed. The pyramid shaped device may be inserted so that none of the pyramid shaped device lies outside of the individual's anus.

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